Plastic Lure Manufacturing

Action Plastics has a long tradition of excellent service and innovation, coupled with our legacy for manufacturing some of the most coveted lure models in this industry.

We continuously strive to deliver high-quality products that can rival the most popular product in the market today. We hold quality control close to our hearts, taking every procedure one step at a time and in detail. You can rest assured that our lures are reasonably priced yet maintain superior quality.

Action Plastics' lures are produced from the finest quality plastic.

Our years of experience and expertise in the field of endeavor speaks volume; there is virtually no design, scent or color you want that we cannot handle, and we do it in a way to surpass your expectation at every instance.

Our manufacturing capabilities are - solids, painted, laminated, cores and up to three colors.

We have seen many brands and styles evolve, yet only a handful persist. Soft plastic will continue to be a staple in every seasoned fisherman’s tackle box.

Our molds manufacture runs four days a week in a 10-hours shift, which is usually per color basis.

Production usually begins within two weeks of receiving the order.